Jameis Winston's Pre-Game Speech Was Weird & Really Bad

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t play very well against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. The Saints outplayed the Buccaneers in almost every aspect of the game, and surprisingly, Jameis Winston inciting a fight between the two teams wasn’t the worst thing he did this week.
Before the game even kicked off, Jameis Winston gave everyone a front row seat at how not to pump up your teammates.
While addressing the team before the game started, Winston aggressively licked his fingers before shaping them into a “W”, and asking his team “who wants to eat a W tonight?” It was weird.

His team doesn’t appear to be too into it, either. There was an obligatory “yeah” that barely reaches above a collective whisper, but Winston appeared to be the only one really into what he was doing.
The Buccaneers would lose the game by 20-points, so it’s a good thing nobody on the team appeared to be interested in “eating a W.”

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