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New York Giants Are Historically Inept After Allowing A TD On 3rd-and-33


We’re running out of clever ways to talk about how bad the New York Giants are this year. Not to worry, though, the Los Angeles Rams are doing it for us. On Sunday, the Rams did something to the Giants that no other team has done in nearly 30-years. On a screen pass to Robert Woods, the Rams converted on a third-and-33, the first time a team has converted a third-and-30+ in 28-years.

The catch and run are spectacular, and it set the tone for what would become a Los Angeles Rams route of the boys in blue.

There is some mercy to be had for the Giants, who are playing without a number of starters on both sides of the ball. But at 1-6, heading for 1-7 as the trail the Rams by more than 30-points in the fourth quarter, changes will have to be made across the board.

If at the end of the year, anyone associated with the Giants organization doesn’t understand why they’re being let go, just play this video. Their only response can be: “Thank you for the opportunity.”


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