Mike Krzyzewski Favors Ending One-&-Done Rule

Advocacy for the NBA changing its policy on high school players jumping to the NBA came from an unlikely source on Thursday. Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski has managed to lure the top freshman recruit to Duke three of the last four years, and yet he believes the one-and-done rule should be eliminated.
Appearing on The Sidelines with Evan Daniels podcast, Coach K gave his surprising take on the controversial rule.

“I would be totally for, and have always been in favor, of kids being able go right to the pros and not putting any restrictions on them as to how long they have to stay,” Krzyzewski said. “I think that’s not right, but we also have to be in cooperation with the NBA, the Player’s Union.”
“If the kid did go straight out of high school do they have the resources to take care of that kid,” he added. “I think with the G-League developing the way it is, I think 26 out of the 30 NBA teams have an affiliation and to me I think each NBA team has to have it and I think they’re going to that. I’m all for the kid and the family.”

Coach K has benefitted from the rule as much as anyone in the league, but doesn’t think the change would have a determential effect on the college game.
Advocacy for adopting a rule similar to the one used by MLB has started to gain support in recent weeks. Criticism of the rule is widespread, with former LSU Tigers star and number one overall pick calling collegiate basketball a “dirty business.”
There are concerns that allowing the top prep-talent to make the jump to the NBA would water down the talent pool. Due to the fact that a coordinated effort would need to be made between the NCAA and NBA, a change to the rule faces a number of road blocks. There is momentum hurdling towards change, but it could be several years before anything is amended.
Check out the entire interview below:

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