WWE Star Daniel Bryan Does The One Chip Challenge & Crushes It Like A Champion

The “One Chip Challenge” has returned and is once again taking the internet by storm. This time, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan joined in on the fun.
The challenge is simple: you eat one Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness chip and see how you react.
Plenty of people need to chug milk as they burst into tears from the heat, but not Daniel Bryan. Nope, Bryan handled the “One Chip Challenge” like a champion, while his counterpart wasn’t as lucky.
After he was done, Bryan rubbed in just how successful he was.
“If I can’t handle it, I’m not a real man,” Bryan said before devouring the chip. Afterwards he added, “I could probably eat another one.”
Watch it all unfold below:

That’s how you do it, ladies and gentlemen.
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