Alex Rodriguez Rocks 'Turnover Chain' Replica On College GameDay

Somehow, from the ashes of a steroid scandal and drawn-out legal battle, Alex Rodriguez has found his way back into the public eye. The University of Miami alum can be seen in front of the camera on FOX Sports, breaking down baseball alongside David “Big Papi” Ortiz and the rest of the crew.
Or you can find him at a high profile event, sitting in a luxury box alongside his equally famous girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.
But this week, he was on ESPN GameDay, breaking down College Football with the rest of the crew.
Aside from him obviously peeking at Lee Corso’s sheet throughout the segment, A-Rod donned a replica of the now infamous “Turnover chain,” and it didn’t seem like it was a particularly good replica, either.

Why is it splitting apart in the middle like that? It’s turning into a “W.” Give that one to the Huskies and get yourself a replica that is a little higher quality, especially if you’re going to be on TV.
Or better yet, buy a real one. You signed two MLB contracts worth over $250 million, though most of that might have been spent on attorney’s and court costs at this point.

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