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Houston Basketball: Rob Gray Suspended For Playing In Church League Game


The NCAA wants it’s players to keep their talents away from anyone who isn’t affiliated with the organization. That includes Jesus. On Friday, we found out why the Houston basketball team’s top weapon Rob Gray was suspended for the opening game of the season.

Back in March of 2017, Gray played in a recreational league game for his friend’s baptist church. His friend paid a $5 entry fee for the game, and therein lies the violation.

Houston head coach Kelvin Sampson gave reporters the details about the violation following the game.

“He played in the game. That was the violation. Nothing more, nothing less,” UH coach Kelvin Sampson said. “You can’t do that.”

The NCAA continues to be under siege, and they are continually adding to a list of justifiable criticisms. On the one hand, hard and fast rules help clear up any ambiguity between incidents, and assure the nepotism doesn’t factor into the way punishments are dealt. But on the other hand, reason and logic can’t be thrown out of the window.

Call this “the Gray area,” Houston’s 6-foot-1 senior was the leading scorer in the AAC last year. The Cougars didn’t need him in their opener against lowly McNeese State, though. They won by a final score of 81-53.

No word on what the final score in the Baptist Church league was, though.


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