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Fox Spoofs Ben McAdoo’s Boring Press Conference In Parody Video


New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo couldn’t answer a question posed to him during his Week 9 press conference.

It wasn’t a particularly hard question. When a reporter asked him what he told his team at half-time, McAdoo said “Umm…” then didn’t say anything after that.

Eventually another reporter asked a question, but for the few seconds that silence lingered in the air, it was awkward.

This week, Fox Sports decided to have a little fun with the situation.

If McAdoo pauses this long to answer a question about something as easy as “what did you say at half-time,” imagine how long he’d pause if he were faced with making actual decisions.


Is this mean by the Fox Sports team? Yes. But McAdoo also kind of had it coming. Nothing slips past the goalie these days, and if your mind goes blank in front of a group of reporters on a very basic question, it’s going to make the rounds on social media.

McAdoo has had a rough go of it in New York this season, and the Giants don’t appear to be getting any better anytime soon.

Chalk some of it up to injuries, some of it up to dissension in the locker room, and some of it on McAdoo forgetting what he’s talking about before getting to the end of the sentence; it all comes together in the form of a 1-7 season.


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