Baker Mayfield Crotch Grab Blamed On Madonna, Michael Jackson

Oklahoma football star Baker Mayfield has done a lot of apologizing this year.
First, he apologized to Ohio State for planting a flag at the center of their turf field. Then he grabbed his swimsuit area and cursed at the Kansas bench during the game last week.
Mayfield was stripped of his position as captain on the team, but there wouldn’t be any more punishment coming his way as a result. If you ask Barry Switzer, that’s plenty of punishment.
And if there is anyone who should be kicked off the team, it should be Madonna and Michael Jackson.

Hard to argue with sound logic like that.
Mayfield appears to have little control over his emotions during a game. That’s not a bad thing for a football player, but it has gotten him into some trouble this year. This particular incident was largely in response to Kentucky players refusing to shake his hand at midfield during the coin toss.
This apology, like Mayfield’s other apology, was met with a collective “why are you apologizing?” It had the stink of him being forced to do it by the higher ups.
Now that we know who is really responsible for it, expect the NCAA to come down with the hammer against Madonna and Michael Jackson.

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