WATCH: Lamar Jackson In Middle Of Louisville-Kentucky Brawl

Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals haven’t had the kind of season that they were hoping for.
After being contenders for the College Football Playoff late into the season last year, they weren’t so much as a blip on the radar screen this year.
Jackson ran away with the Heisman in 2016, pumping out highlight reel performances unlike anyone the college football world had seen in some time. But in an attempted repeat performance in 2017, he’s fallen well short.
In fact, his biggest highlight this year might be one that he’d rather forget.
With the Cardinals and the Wildcats locking up in the final week of the season, Jackson was in the middle of a scrum that got pretty heated.

Here’s how an on-field photographer captured the action:

The incident started after Jackson got bumped by a Kentucky defender on his way up. That’s when shoved the defender, who shoved him back, who was then shoved to the ground by another Louisville player.
Jackson was quick to jump in and start grappling with the Kentucky defender.
Unfortunately, he was quickly pinned and the scrum between the two teams escalated quickly.
Predictably, the Cardinals are taking the Wildcats to task in the actual football game. They’ve jumped out to a quick 17-7 lead through the first quarter. But in this particular instance, it seems like the Wildcats got the better of Jackson and the Cardinals.

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