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What Did LeBron James Say To Lonzo Ball? Twitter Speculates


LeBron James and Lonzo Ball had a brief on-court conversation following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night.

Usually a conversation between two players would be harmless, but LeBron covered his mouth so no one would be able to read his lips and decipher what he was saying to the Lakers rookie.

That led to some rampant speculation on the internet.

Here is what the exchange looked like during the broadcast on TNT:

After the game, James praised the No. 2 overall pick’s skillset.

“It’s always team,” James said, via USA TODAY Sports. “He passes the ball. Pushes the ball up the floor. Someone you want to play with. This is a team game. Everyone gets so caught up in this whole individual thing and it’s — the whole team game gets overlooked, but then, I’m not going to go there.”

As for what he said to Ball, James offered no clarification.

“None of y’all’s business,” he said.

Oh, okay. Ball also declined to comment on their conversation, but that didn’t stop social media from reacting.



LeBron likely just giving Lonzo some words of advice and wishing him the best in the future, but what fun is that? We like the internet theories a lot better.

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