WATCH: Clemson Student Drains 94-Foot Putt To Win $10,000

One Clemson student won’t have to worry about gathering his pennies for a late-night snack.
Christopher Carns was the lucky student who had the opportunity to win $10,000. All Carns had to do was drain a 94-foot putt which spanned the length of the basketball court.
It’s no easy task, but Carns drained the shot like a champ.
Clemson shared video of the moment on social media and the video is incredible. If it wasn’t already exciting to watch the ball closing in on the target, the announcer chasing down the shot added a nice touch.
Check out the big shot below:

After winning the $10,000, Carns shared his plan for the money, which includes some celebration followed by actual responsibility.

Congratulations on draining the putt, Christopher.
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