Kevin Hart Apologizes For Being Drunk On TV After Super Bowl 52

Screenshot via NFL Network

Philadelphia Eagles fans everywhere enjoyed their Super Bowl 52 celebrations, but Kevin Hart was among the most entertaining to put it all out there.

Following the Eagles’ win over the New England Patriots, social media was buzzing at the hilarious site of Hart attempting to get on stage with the Super Bowl trophy. He was denied by security.

Hart then made his way to the NFL Network set, where he was slurring his words before dropping an F-bomb and being escorted away.

That led to Kevin Hart trending on social media, but eventually he decided to come forward and apologize for his drunken antics on live television. Well, kind of.

He did show off an incredible hashtag game, though.

Congratulations to the Eagles and all of their fans on the first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history. You know that their championship parade is going to be incredible.