Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Celebration: Videos & Must-See Photos

On Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl 52 and hoist the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in franchise history.

If you know anything about Philly sports fans, you knew they were going to celebrate in a big way.

Well, they delivered.

Immediately after the final whistle, Eagles fans took to the street and paraded through Broad Street with unmatched enthusiasm, drunkenness and plenty of destruction.

But there were some positives, like this guy soaking in the moment as he stood on top a van being escorted through the huge crowd in the streets.

This dude is the king of Philly right now

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It was madness.

Just cruising on top of a police van nothing to see here

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There was even this crazy fan who decided to soak in the moment by walking the opposite way down a row through speeding cars.

“Take me now God there is nothing else I need to see in this life.”

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And it’s easy to understand why the cars were speeding, because the minute they would have slowed down this could have been their fate:

Even Joel Embiid came out to celebrate:

Joel Embiid, never change

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There was some destruction taking place, though.

A group of fans jumped on top of the awning outside of a Ritz Carlton, which immediately came crashing to the ground.

That Ritz Carlton awning stood literally a 0% chance

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Congratulations, Eagles fans. Enjoy the big win. You’ve been waiting long enough, but we hope today’s hangover is worth it.