WATCH: 87-Year-Old Eagles Fan Pops Champagne He's Saved Since 1980

Philadelphia Eagles fans have been waiting their entire lives to witness their favorite team win a Super Bowl.
On Sunday night, that is exactly what happened when Nick Foles led the team to victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, and fans celebrated in various ways.
Some set fire to the city, others rode around on cars, some got absolutely hammered, but one 87-year-old fan had possibly the best celebration.
87-year-old Frank Markert has been in possession of a bottle of Andre Brut Champagne that he bought in 1980. He bought the champagne ahead of Super Bowl XV between the Eagles and Oakland Raiders.
Unfortunately, the Eagles lost, but Markert has been hanging on to the bottle with the hopes of one day popping it to a Super Bowl victory. That moment came on Sunday night and Markert was right there with his family to do exactly what he has been waiting decades to do.

How great is that?
It’s always good to see longtime fans finally get the opportunity to live out the celebration they have been waiting for. Congratulations to the Eagles and all of their loyal fans on the franchise’s first-ever Lombardi Trophy.

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