LISTEN: Lonzo Ball Drops Emotional Tribute Song To LaVar

Lonzo Ball is currently sidelined due to injury, but the Los Angeles Lakers rookie has been staying busy in the studio.
This week, Ball shared one of his favorite hobbies with the rest of the world by releasing his new mixtape titled, “Born 2 Ball.” The mixtape features plenty of mentions of Big Baller Brand and his family members, but the real star of the mixtape is an emotional tribute song to his father, LaVar.
The track — appropriately titled “LaVar” — is the final track on the mixtape.
And if you’ve watched any of their Facebook reality show “Ball in the Family,” you may be familiar with some of the lyrics.

Ever since a child your boy been a star
Light-skinned, colored eyes, I’ve always looked the part.
People lookin’ crazy, askin’ is it hard?
I just laugh ’cause I know they talkin’ ’bout LaVar.
Y’all can hate him, that’s my pops though
First one that’s there for me once it got cold
Listen to the story, not just how it’s told
Yellin’ he the devil, but yet you the one who sold your soul

Ball also goes in on the haters, while sharing his appreciation for everything his father has done for him and his brothers throughout their lives.
You can listen to the track below:

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