College Football Player Attacked In Dorm By 3 Teammates

A college football player from Midwestern State in Wichita Falls, Texas was reportedly attacked by three of his teammates in his dorm. According to a report from the Times New Recordan unidentified player let his teammates into his dorm after looking through a peephole in his door and they immediately began attacking him.
The three players have since been identified and arrested.
From the report:

He opened the door and was immediately rushed by three people, pushed back and knocked down into the corner of his room.

The victim said he was then punched, kicked and stomped for about 30 to 40 seconds. He said he recognized Reynolds and Rowe, who were reportedly fellow teammates of the victim, as two of the attackers.

The three players who attacked their teammate were Marcus Ray Reynolds Jr., Matthew Joseph Rowe, and Giacomo Israel Gonzalez.

According to the Wichita County Jail inmate roster, Reynolds is also listed as a fugitive from justice out of Georgia on charges of aggravated assault, robbery by force and obstruction of officer. His bail was denied on those three warrants.

The other two players, Rowe and Gonzalez, were charged with felony burglary of a habitation and had their bail set at $10,000.

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