This Is The Photo That Led To The Firing Of Saints Cheerleader Bailey Davis

This week, Bailey Davis filed a motion with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the New Orleans Saints saying that the franchise has two different sets of rules for men and women.
Among the allegations are that a photo on her Instagram account led to her firing and removal from the Saints cheerleading squad.
According to the New York Times:

But when she posted a photo of herself in a one-piece outfit in January, Saints officials accused her, despite her protests, of breaking rules that prohibit cheerleaders from appearing nude, seminude or in lingerie. For this indiscretion, and amid an inquiry about her attending a party with Saints players — another regulation that she denies violating — Davis was fired after what she said were three largely trouble-free seasons.

Davis posted a photo in black lingerie which allegedly triggered the rules violation.
She was fired mere days after posting the photo on her account, which was set as private at the time.
Here is the photo in question:
Was the firing justified or does Davis have a legitimate gripe? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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