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NFL Scouting Combine Questions: Another Bizarre Question Revealed


There have been multiple reports about bizarre questions being asked at the NFL Scouting Combine every year in recent memory and 2018 was no different. Throughout draft season we have been hearing prospects reveal some of the weirdest questions they were asked when meeting with teams in Indianapolis.

The latest player to speak out is Ohio State linebacker Jerome Baker.

According to Baker, when he sat down to meet with a team he was asked an absurd hypothetical.

From The Draft Wire:

JB: I didn’t have any really weird questions. The one question that sticks out is I sat down, and the first thing the coach asked me is what I would do if he punched me in the face right now? To me, being from Cleveland, my natural reaction was, “Coach, no disrespect but if you punch me in the face, we’re gonna fight right here.” That was just my natural response. I guess that’s what he wanted to hear, because he said, “Good.” It was definitely a fun interview. I didn’t get asked too many weird questions.

At least he got the answer right.

And considering some teams have been asking players about their sexuality or whether their moms are prostitutes, this was a mild question that was simply meant to catch Baker off guard.


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