WATCH: College Baseball Teams Start Bowling Game During Delay

What do you do when there is a game delay? Well, if you are a college baseball player at the College of Charleston or The Citadel, you pass the time by creating an impromptu bowling game. That’s exactly what the two teams did on Wednesday night after there were technical difficulties with the lights at the ballpark.
The teams stacked Gatorade cups into a pyramid in their respective on-deck circles and then rolled a baseball into the other teams in an effort to knock the cups down.
It was half carnival game, half bowling. But it was all great.
The bowling turned out to be much more difficult than either team could have imagined, but ultimately we got contact and the pyramid came tumbling down.
Check it out below:

Here’s another look at the action:

The game was ultimately suspended, but that didn’t stop the crowd from getting a show.

Jose Altuve Responds To Hilarious White House Photo
Jose Altuve Responds To Hilarious White House Photo