400-Pound BYU Football Player Gets Stuck In Gymnastics Foam Pit

BYU defensive lineman Motekiai Langi is one of the largest athletes in college football. Recently, the 6-foot-7, 397-pounder joined some of his teammates for a fun workout in the gymnastics team’s foam pit. That’s when something went terribly wrong: Langi got stuck.
“One of the funnest things we’ve done this year was we brought in sports teams to cheer us on and to heckle us on the balance beam,” BYU gymnastics coach Guard Young told the Herald Extra. “We brought in some of the football players and those guys are just nothing but clowns.”
As you would expect, it wasn’t easy to drag the 397-pounder out of the foam pit, so the players needed to call on some extra resources.
“We all thought it was pretty funny until we realized we couldn’t get him out,” Young said. “Then I was like, seriously, how do you get someone like that out of the foam pit? We got him out, but it took some effort and some football players to help. Thankfully I didn’t get a phone call from (head football coach Kalani Sitake) about it. We kept him safe.”
Langi seemed to take the moment all in stride.
“It sucked me down,” Langi said. “It took me a couple of minutes before I was finally able to get out.”
How is there not video of this on the internet yet? C’mon, BYU. Let’s see the footage.

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