UNLV Offers Unlimited Concessions To Season Ticket Holders

In what appears to be one of the best marketing moves in college football, the UNLV team will now be offering unlimited concessions to their fans for the upcoming 2018-19 season. Season ticket holders will have the options to add unlimited concessions at all six of the teams home games for $30 or $5 for a single game. When you factor in the $99 it is regularly for season tickets, this is one heck of a deal. On top of this offer for current season ticket holders, for fans who don’t want to buy tickets for the full season, there is also a three-game “Eat All You Can” plan. This includes tickets to games against UTEP, Fresno State, as well as rival UNR, and gives access to unlimited concessions. Tickets for the Eat All You Can plan are available for $79.
UNLV is a team on the rise. Expected to finish above .500 this year, the team already has plans to move into a new $2 billion stadium near the Vegas Strip in 2020. Thus, they are trying to get as many fans aboard the train as they can before moving, that way their current success can carry over to the new stadium. The team had just under 9,000 season ticket holders last year and averaged about 17,500 fans per game. Their current stadium, however, is capable of holding almost twice that amount at 35,800. Despite many believing that Vegas is not a football town, UNLV athletic director Reed-Francois who arrived last summer from Virginia Tech begs to differ.


Francois says that “I’m told all the time that this isn’t a football town. We’ll flip that. There is an opportunity for football in this town.” She says “We know what our community expects. They value excellence and they value winning.” It has already been stated that the team is refusing to pack it in these last two seasons and that they plan on delivering the same level of football that their fans have come to expect. Stadium director Mike Newcomb believes that “If we are playing good football and offering a good time, people will come.” Frankly, it’s hard to disagree with this statement. The school is now able to field a competitive team, and on top of offering college football at its highest level, fans can now have unlimited hot dogs, nachos, sodas, popcorn, etc. while watching? It seems as if this plan is almost guaranteed to increase their ticket sales, and is a strategy we can expect to see various other programs begin to adopt if proven successful.

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