Ohio State Football: Fans Plan Rally To Support Urban Meyer

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer is on paid administrative leave after reports surfaced that he knew of the troubling past of former Buckeyes wide receivers coach Zach Smith, which involved multiple instances of domestic violence. Reports claim that Meyer was aware of the allegations dating back at least five years, which is something he previously denied.
But while Meyer is under fire for his possible knowledge of the abuse, Buckeyes fans are standing by him.
In fact, according to a report from WSYX ABC 6 in Columbus, Ohio State fans are planning a rally to show their support of the embattled head coach.
Jeff Hamms, also known as “Tennessee Jeff”, is the man planning the rally.
“A peaceful rally at Ohio State University for Coach Urban Meyer just because I thought, I was thinking there’s been so much negative press with Coach Meyer,” Hamms wrote on his Facebook page. “Please if you live anywhere near Columbus come down I’ll buy you lunch when we’re down there. Thank you and go bucks.”
Even with the support, if any of the reports regarding Meyer’s knowledge prove to be true he should lose his job. It’s not unusual for fans to show blind support of their head coach — especially if he has a history of winning — but it’s never good to show that you’re okay with throwing morals to the side in favor of a football game. Hopefully common sense wins out and the fans understand that Meyer, despite what he’s done for the program, has no business on the sideline if what he’s accused of knowing is true.

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