LOOK: New Florida Football Jordan Sneakers, Cleats For 2018

Florida football

The Florida football program is joining the Jordan Brand ranks on the gridiron for the 2018 season. The Gators become the fourth college football program to rock Jordan uniforms on the field, joining North Carolina, Michigan, and Oklahoma.

Earlier this summer, the team unveiled its brand new uniforms which stay true to the program’s tradition.

But now, we are getting to see the best perk of being a Jordan school: the footwear.

On social media, the Gators Equipment Twitter account has unveiled the team’s cleats for the upcoming season while also holding a “30-day countdown” to unveil various classic Jordan sneakers in Florida-inspired colorways.

A full look at the Florida Jordan footwear collection for 2018 can be seen below.

Gators Jordan Cleats

Gators Jordan Collection

Jordan VI

6 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanVI @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/spxkY0EVMi

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 26, 2018

Jordan VII

7 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanVII @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/VcWeab6Qrs

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 25, 2018

Jordan VIII

8 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanVIII @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/pPu3TKXDu8

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 24, 2018

Jordan IX

9 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanIX @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/yXui8jq7h3

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 23, 2018

Jordan X

10 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanX @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/6Hkn6txXJz

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 22, 2018

Jordan XI

11 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXI @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/h5yAYc2n0E

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 21, 2018

Jordan XII

12 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXII @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/24BgNawS2X

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 20, 2018

Jordan XIII

13 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXIII @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/6Z63dpCo7Y

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 19, 2018

Jordan XIV

14 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXIV @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/FVEVxFWNpY

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 18, 2018

Jordan XV

15 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXV @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/2h3kRo6p93

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 17, 2018

Jordan XVI

16 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXVI @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/rPB4A5jDOo

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 16, 2018

Jordan XVII

17 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXVII @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/pGVXJYil81

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 15, 2018

Jordan XVIII

18 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXVIII @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/DhltjxvmoS

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 14, 2018

Jordan XIX

19 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXIX @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/4iTVbxWDVS

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 13, 2018

Jordan XX

20 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXX @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/XBH8iQvpJB

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 12, 2018

Jordan XXI

21 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXXI @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/6c1DZSWiPR

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 11, 2018

Jordan XXII

22 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXX2 @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/C4OjkDymWJ

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 10, 2018

Jordan XX3

23 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXX3 @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/43sMS1CnrA

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 9, 2018

Jordan 2009

24 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordan2009 @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/LaDhFEXLcA

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 8, 2018

Jordan 2010

25 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordan2010 @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/EyRIHOE5dV

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 7, 2018

Jordan 2011

26 days until kickofff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordan2011 @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/NtWju6kV6J

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 6, 2018

Jordan 2012

27 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordan2012 @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/7qRDKAzyCF

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 5, 2018

Jordan XX8

28 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXX8 @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/7OjqJ7yIhw

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 5, 2018

Jordan XX9

29 days until kickoff. #30DaysOfJordan #AirJordanXX9 @GatorsFB @Jumpman23 pic.twitter.com/L1mUVOm7Nk

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 3, 2018

Jordan XXX

There are 30 days until kickoff, so we're going to count them down with our specialty @FloridaGators @Jumpman23. #30DaysofJordan #AirJordanXXX pic.twitter.com/3xPCOhZGnl

— GatorsEquipment (@GatorsEquipment) August 2, 2018