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Robert Westlake: Full Story & Video of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Case


34-year-old Jason Boek was shot dead by 37-year-old Robert Westlake in Winter Haven, Florida on Tuesday, August 28, in what police called a “perfect” example of the controversial stand your ground law.

According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, Boek had been waiting in the parking lot of the Grove Lounge on US Highway 27 in Dundee while his girlfriend was inside the Grove bar.

Boek allegedly believed that his girlfriend had gotten into Westlake’s Uber, however, that was not the case.

Westlake, in addition to being an Uber driver, is a trainee cop, having just finished police academy training. He is also a concealed weapon permit holder and a licensed security guard.

via WFLA:

Boek saw a woman, who he thought was his girlfriend, be helped into an Uber by another woman and a bartender. The woman who was put in the Uber was not Boek’s girlfriend. The Uber driver, Robert Westlake, 38, of Lake Wales, headed westbound on Dundee Road.

Boek’s girlfriend, who was not in the Uber, began receiving texts from Boek that indicated he thought she got in to the Hyundai that was driven by the Uber driver.

Boek texted that he was going to follow the Uber driver and beat him up. Boek was aggressively following the Uber in a Ford F-250 pickup truck. He approached the Hyundai from behind, passed and then pulled in front of it. Boek then stopped in the road in front of the Hyundai.

Westlake stopped the Hyundai. Boek got out of his truck and walked toward the Hyundai, yelling at Westlake that he had a pistol.Boek continued to approach and Westlake reached into the pocket of the driver door, grabbed his handgun and fired one shot at Boek.

After shooting Boek, Westlake called 911 and began lifesaving measures.

Following the shooting, Westlake told reporters: “No one goes out with a concealed carry weapon permit looking to use their firearm. They have it in case they need to use it to protect themselves.”


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