WATCH: Brawl Breaks Out On Plane Mid-Flight After Woman Starts Giving Lap Dances

What would you do if you were on an airplane and a massive brawl broke out? Well, some passengers quickly learned what their reaction would be. On an evening flight to Ibiza, one woman had a little bit too much to drink and ended up getting frisky on the plane.
The female passenger allegedly began giving out lap dances — even exposing her breasts at some point — before things boiled over.
As the plane was preparing to land, the woman turned aggressive and ended up slapping another passenger in the back of the head. That is when all hell broke loose, according to a report from Unilad.
As the story goes:

We got on the plane and her friends were all seated at the back, and she was at the front amongst guys who were giving her more drink. She was up lap-dancing on them and she got her boobs out, and she was a mess the whole time. She was also doing cartwheels down the aisle of the plane while we were flying along. There was no proper trouble, everyone was just a bit fed up with her. It was a late night flight as well, we took off at about 10pm I think.

Sounds harmless, right?
Well, that is when things took a turn for the worst.

She was just drinking more and more on the flight and then when we were coming in for landing, obviously you have to put your seat belts on, she didn’t. Her friend had to come from the back of the plane to try and calm her down and she just wasn’t listening. Around that point, she started tapping people’s heads that she walked past and then she tapped this one girl’s head who slapped her hand away. In the video there is a guy in the middle, he was trying to protect his girlfriend who was the blonde girl sat behind him. That’s who slapped her hand away after she tapped her on the head.

Bad move.
The aftermath of the incident was captured on video and has begun making the rounds on social media.
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Can’t we all just get along?

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