All The Best Videos Of People Finding Creative Ways To "Destroy" Their Nikes

On Monday, September 3, Nike revealed that none other than former San Fransisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick would be the face of their upcoming “Just Do It” campaign — the 30th-anniversary campaign of their legendary slogan, no less.

Given that it involves Colin Kaepernick — one of the most controversial athletes of the last couple years — opinions about the campaign ranged far and wide.
Some athletes like LeBron have come forth to say how much they love the move:

While other athletes such as Chris Long (who is quite the activist himself) were a little more skeptical:

However, professional athletes aside, the best responses came from the people on Twitter who are destroying their Nikes (that they’ve already purchased):

And don’t forget about the flip side of that coin, the people mocking the #BoycottNike/#MAGA crowd by finding “creative” ways to “destroy” their Nikes, such as microwaving or drone-striking them:
So what’s the takeaway from all this?
The takeaway is that Nike has won, yet again. Whether you agree with their decision to endorse Kaepernick or not, you (and the rest of the American media) have likely discussed it over the last 24 hours.
In Nike’s eyes, the number of potential customers they may lose as a result of this campaign is the minority and is well worth the amount of publicity they will be receiving through this ad.
As Chris Long touched upon, Nike is a business (and one of, if not the biggest shoe business in the world), so every step of this Kaepernick campaign has been carefully considered and calculated.
The bottom line is that Nike knows exactly what they were doing — in fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were anticipating the MAGA crowd lighting their Air Monarchs on fire — and whether you agree with Kaepernick’s politics or not, they’re still going to make money off of him, and you, all the same.

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