Who Is Anuel AA? Puerto Rican Rapper Tops Twitter Trends


Anuel AA became the top trend on Twitter Tuesday, Sept. 11, and everyone was wondering why and who he is. Anuel is a rapper from Puerto Rico who was recently released from behind bars following a lengthy prison sentence. Anuel AA considers his time behind bars a “blessing.”
“Yes, it was a blessing. For my personal life it was hell, but sometimes God allows things to happen for bigger blessings to come,” he told XXL Magazine. “All that has helped me focus more in my music made me want to work harder. When I was in jail, I saw a lot of artists who were achieving great levels of success. Trap internationalized itself. When trap first came out, people didn’t think it would be successful. But you see artists like Bad Bunny and Ozuna who helped trap music reach another level. Trap music is the future.”
Here is what we know.

Who Is Anuel AA?


Anuel AA, born Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago in Carolina, Puerto Rico, had fans wondering who he was when he became the surprising No. 1 trend on Twitter, Tuesday, Sept. 11. The Puerto Rican rapper was released from jail on July 17 after serving time for 30 months due to possession of firearms for carrying a Glock pistol model 23 caliber .40; a Glock Model 30 .45 – caliber Glock model 1; a 9mm, a dozen clips, and 152 rounds of ammunition in his vehicle outside of a nightclub in Santurce, Puerto Rico.
While in jail, Anuel began writing 12 tracks for a brand new album. When he was released from jail, he dropped his album “Real hasta la Muerte” which means “Real to Death.”
Anuel AA also dropped the sexually charged “Bebe” collaboration with Tekashi 6ix9ine which topped the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart.


On Tuesday, Anuel AA dropped a diss track directed at fellow Puerto Rican Cosculluela which was titled “Intocable (RIP Cosculluela)” which translates to “Untouchable (RIP Coscullela)” which began his surge up the Twitter trends. You can listen to the song below.

What Started The Beef?


The beef between Anuel AA and Coscullela appears to have begun thanks to an Instagram photo of the trap rapper and Coscu’s ex-girlfriend. From there, things began to escalate with personal jabs and insults — including remarks about appearance and sexuality — which led to the release of Tuesday’s diss tiraera (diss track).

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