Fiancée Of White Sox Pitcher Jace Fry Takes To Social Media To Air Their Dirty Laundry

Despite the fact that Jace Fry — a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox who made his first MLB start on Wednesday, September 25, against the Cleveland Indians — is just a rookie, he appears to have the off-the-field, behind-the-scenes drama of a seasoned vet (except for Derek Jeter, my man’s house was always in order).

Amway, as he was making his first start, Fry’s fiancée — 27-year-old Kelsi Blalock — took to Twitter to “congratulate” him on his first major league start.

In the now-deleted-Tweet, Blalock wished Fry a ‘Happy first MLB start’ (complete with a poop emoji) and attached screenshots of Instagram posts of the couple, with captions that insinuate that Fry cheated on Blalock and gave her an STD … more than once.

While the tweet was deleted, the Instagram posts remain, showing that Blalock went full scorched Earth, as she went as far as updating the captions on pictures that over a year old:

“When you think he won’t give you an STD again..” reads one post from May 31, 2017.

“26th birthday at the ballpark: wasting another year of my life on a sociopath,” reads the post from June 2, 2017.

Blalock has since posted two further Tweets — one to explain her mindset and another to find a potential divorce lawyer:

Fry, 25, has since deactivated his Twitter account.

Oh, and if you’re a baseball guy, Fry pitched one inning and earned a loss in his first ever start.