WATCH: Brooks Koepka's Errant Shot At Ryder Cup Hits Fan Whose Eyeball Explodes

Corine Remande, 49, travelled to France from Egypt with her husband Raphael to watch the Ryder’s Cup between Europe and the United States, held at Le Golf National club in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines outside Paris.

When it was American Brooks Koepka turn, he hit the ball and as it flew, it veered off in another direction and landed on a crowd of spectators. The cost of it was eye-opening.

Remande, who was watching the action take place, was struck in her right eye, causing a fracture in her eye socket and the explosion of her eyeball. She is looking to sue the tournament’s organizers.
“Doctors told me I had lost the use of that eye,” Remande told AFP. She claimed there were no signs of any warnings from tournament officials before the ball landed into the the crowd of spectators. As a rule, tournament officials are supposed to yell out “fore,” a warning to anyone standing or moving in the vicinity of a golf ball.

In a post from The Guardian, Koepka recalls, “I didn’t actually see her at first, I didn’t know I hit anybody and then someone from the crowd yelled, ‘You hit someone.’ And I turned around and then obviously you see someone’s lying on the ground, and you’re thinking, ‘Oh s— I did it again,'” Koepka apologized to Remande and gave her an autographed glove right after the incident.

Kopepka claims that he had yelled out fore when he realized his shot missed, but the distance seemed to be the problem.
Kopepka admits this himself.

“You can yell fore, but it doesn’t matter. If you’re 150 yards, you’re shouting ‘fore,’ you can hear it. But from 300 yards, even if none of us said ‘fore,’ she’s going to get hit, and that’s the unfortunate thing.”

A Ryder Cup spokesperson said:

“It is distressing to hear that someone might suffer long-term consequences from a ball strike.
“The spectator hit by a ball at the sixth hole during Friday’s play was treated by first responders immediately and taken to hospital.
“We have been in communication with the family involved, starting with the immediate on-course treatment and thereafter to provide support, helping with the logistics of repatriation, including providing a transfer for the family from Paris to Lyon. We will continue to offer support for as long as necessary.

For Remande, all she wanted is to take care of all the medical bills to make sure there is no risk of infection.

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