#WCW: Sophia Smith, Stanford Soccer (PHOTOS)

It’s Woman Crush Wednesday, which means it’s time to take a look at the college world and appreciate some of the standout students and/or athletes across the nation. Every week, we feature a college student that stands out among their peers. This week, we feature Sophia Smith, a member of the Stanford Cardinal women’s soccer team.

Smith, who was born in Fort Collins, Colorado and comes from a long line of athletes, has been a member of the United States U14, U15 U17, U18, U19, U20, and U23 national teams.

Smith’s father was a basketball player at the University of Wyoming and her sister Savannah broke plenty of University of Northern Colorado records as a basketball, but she decided to stray from the rest of her family in order to pursue a career in soccer.

You can check out more photos of Sophia in the gallery below or by heading over and clicking that follow button on her Instagram account.