Football Coach Becomes A Legend For Retiring Like A Boss

I’m sure everyone has once fantasized how they are going to walk out their job while yelling out “I QUIT” really loud. Each with different scenarios and circumstances of course. But I think one man’s fantasy came into reality in a way that has the word boss written all over it.
Denny Douds, a college football coach for the Stroudsburg Warriors at East Stroudsburg University, walked off the football court at the end of a game.

What Happened?

In a game against the Ohio Dominican, Coach Douds called a timeout the team didn’t have in the final second of the game which resulted in a penalty from the referee.
“I nudged the official in front of me and I said, ‘Sir, we are going to call a fourth timeout. I know that is illegal, you’re going to penalize it, but that’s OK. I am retiring.’ I called timeout with four seconds to go, blew the whistle, the kids came in and I told them this is what we are doing,” Douds said to WNEP.

After the final scores were calculated to Ohio Dominican’s favor, Douds went to shake the hand of the Ohio Dominican coach, paid his respect to the game by tipping his hat to the crowd like a real man and walked off the field by himself.
This move was a shocker for many as Coach Douds has told no one about this but his wife.
“I told my wife, ‘When I leave the stadium, I am going to tip my hat and say, ‘I love ya.’ I tipped my hat, walked to the car, and smiled all the way home,” Douds said, via CBS Sports.

Clearly, this man has been a schemer all his life. Now I’m curious to see what kind of prank he played for his senior year of high school, and other antics he might’ve done in the past. For the lack of a better word, this man is a legend.

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