The Fate Of Terrapins Head Coach D.J. Durkin Has Been Decided

After a long wait, there has been finally news of what’s going to happen to Coach D.J. Durkin after his paid administrative leave since August. The Terrapins Head Coach will be allowed back with the team and his return is set this weekend when Maryland takes on Michigan State, according to

Despite the announcement of Durkin’s return, President Wallace Loh has made it clear to the public that he did not want Durkin to return, but felt like he had no option.

“He ultimately felt it would’ve been tremondously distruptive to the entire campus if he was to be terminated simple because he wouldn’t put the coach back on the field.”

An official announcement is expected later this afternoon.

Additionally, athletic director Damon Evans and university president Wallace Loh will return to their posts.

DJ Durkin and Damon Evans both retaining Maryland jobs. School President Wallace Loh planning to retire in June. Much more coming shortly…

— Rick Maese (@RickMaese) October 30, 2018

What Happened?

Great alumni event yesterday with Dean Pines and @ClarkSchool of Engineering!

— Coach Durkin (@CoachDurkin) May 17, 2018

Head Coach D.J. Durkin was put on administrative leave while the school investigates accusations about the abuse and mistreatment of players that was followed after offensive lineman Jordan McNair succumbed to exhaustion after running 110-yard sprints. No official cause of death has been released, but ESPN stated that he died of heatstroke suffered during the workout and had a body temperature of 106 degrees when he reached the hospital.

According to ESPN, Durkin mocked players’ masculinity if they were unable to complete a workout. For example, it was reported that one player was berated after losing consciousness. There were instances of where coaches forced a player to overeat to the point of vomiting, the article said. The controversy was that the coaches ran their team like a dictatorship, making the environment based on fear and intimidation. Extreme verbal abuse and the belittling of players were also extremely common.