WATCH: Soccer Dad Shoves Son To Ground To Make Hilariously Epic Save

We all know when it comes to sports, dads could be a little competitive at times, arduously encouraging us to do better in all manners: yelling, coaxing, screaming, etc. It can definitely be annoying when all you want to do is to just do your own thing and play it your way. But for some dads, that is a huge no-no.
A soccer match in Wales, United Kingdom can arguably be said that it exemplifies that, but in a different way.
At an 8-year-old and under soccer game that involved Bow Street FC and Llanilar FC, the former team’s goalie is seen to be seemingly distracted by all the encouragement his dad is giving him on the sideline.
Alas, his father could hold it in no more and decided to give his son that push to do his job well; a literal, physical push.
Just look at this priceless gem.

Even though the camera is set to be far away from the goal, we can see that the kid was lost the whole time and needed a push in life to get back into the game. Sadly, his dad wasn’t there to give him another push to block the next shot.
Man, if this kid ever goes pro, we all know who’s the real helper behind his success.

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