Sports Fashion: Players In The Clothing Industry

Fame and fortune bring with it a certain business acumen that is evident more and more with the new breed of sportspersons we have seen over the past decade. A trend seen across various sports and around the globe, indulging in businesses that are outside the sporting arena and add to a person’s wealth is an excellent idea since most individuals last only a few years at best playing a game. Fashion is one of the businesses that require relatively less interaction from the actual player, who can then continue to focus on the sport while others manage the company. It is also something that is prevalent and will always have a readymade audience.

Over the years many players have started their clothing lines or have collaborated with established companies to form a signature collection that bears their name. One significant aspect of starting a clothing business is that it is best done when the fame of a player is at its peak. It is at this time that maximum sales are guaranteed, and while later in life there might be some nostalgia attached to the player when it comes to fashion, the public desires the new and latest. In contrast, football clubs or teams with changing players such as those in the NFL or NBA continue to sell their clothes irrespective of the individual players. Some team members might attract a more significant following, but in the end, it is the overall performance and audience of the team that matters, and in most cases, it is ageless and ever-changing.

Quite a few clothing lines from players across sports have popped up in recent years. These have included footballers, tennis players, skateboarders, and surfers to the extent that with the rise of esports fandom and betting interest, they too have a large brand following now. The more popular players that have taken to fashion as a side business include David Beckham, Michael Jordon, and Cristiano Ronaldo who started with a unique underwear brand but now also sells high-end apparel. The appeal of fashion is such that both women and men stars have managed to make a mark in it. Serena Williams, golfer Michelle Wie, and the gorgeous Maria Sharapova, all have some form of clothing options related to them available for sale. Sharapova has gone a step further and started a candy brand that is in all honesty unheard of when it comes to athletic endorsements.
Clothing isn’t always specific to favorite sports, and while Roger Federer might wear his insignia while playing tennis, it is interesting to see that even homegrown activities like skateboarding has legends in the form of Tony Hawk who sells boards, clothes, and is part of the video game industry. Similarly, Jack Nicklaus has taken golfing fashion worldwide with multicolored polo shirts. Then there are also collaborations such as the one sporting brands have with players such as Neymar to promote specifically designed gear that are a rage with the younger generation. The love for sports and fashion is universal as a result of which each changing season or sportsperson bring with them new designs and styles that further add to their fame, fortune, and legendary status.

Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 11/9
Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 11/9