Kathleen Golding Signs Swimming Scholarship To University of Florida

A high school senior stood excited for her future as she signs her next four years away to the University of Florida.

What Happened?


Kathleen Golden, a senior at Cooper City High School signed a swimming scholarship with Florida University in front of her friends and family. Relieved that she finally secured a spot at a prestigious college, a heavy burden has been lifted off her shoulder as she now looks forward to having fun for the rest of her senior year.
“It was so much fun,” she told Sun Sentinel. “I got my piece of paper in the mail the day before and it had the Florida Gator on it and I was so excited. I took it to school and all my friends and family came down to the room that I was in and I signed it.”

Golding is a previous three-time defending state 200-yard IM high school champion that earned her the name “Cooper City Star”. She won with an Automatic All-American time of 1:59.30, and third in the 100-yard freestyle (50.86, AA-C). The swim meet was the FHSAA Class 4A state swimming and diving championships that were located at the Sailfish Splashpark Aquatic Athletics Center in Stuart. She finally lost it during her senior year.

“I was obviously disappointed because I had won states three years in a row and in my senior year I didn’t win,” she said. “But I still went a good time and I swam as fast as I could. I couldn’t go any faster. I think everyone else was scared that I would be super upset with not winning, but I am not upset with it.”
But perhaps that was the setback that needed to reign in the biggest win, which is her scholarship. She is looking forward to going to Gainesville, a UF campus, and meeting her older friends who are already attending that school. Most are in the college swim team.

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