Notre Dame Could Make Uniform History In College Football Playoff

Thanks to a savvy reddit user, we now know that the Notre Dame football program will be making history if it qualifies for the College Football Playoff. What would cement the Fighting Irish’s place in history? The team’s uniforms.
In a thread on r/CFB, user dkviper11 pointed out that Notre Dame would become the first non-Nike or Jordan program in the final four and the first College Football Playoff team with a primary blue jersey.
Notre Dame, known for its iconic golden domes, is an Under Armour school that primarily wears blue jerseys with gold pants.
Here’s the full breakdown:


  • Ohio State (Champions) – Scarlet/Grey and Nike
  • Alabama – Crimson/White and Nike
  • Oregon – Green/Yellow and Nike
  • Florida State – Garnet/Gold and Nike


    • Alabama (Champions) – Crimson/White and Nike
    • Michigan State – Green/White and Nike
    • Clemson – Purple/Orange and Nike
    • Oklahoma – Crimson/Cream and Nike (now Jordan)

The past two years have also featured Alabama and Clemson, along with Oklahoma and Georgia, which is a Nike squad wearing black and red, so the information all checks out.
Sure, most people may not care about this kind of statistic, but we uniform nerds out there love this kind of thing. So if you needed a reason to root for Notre Dame to make the College Football Playoff, root for history!
The next College Football Playoff rankings will be released on Tuesday, November 27.
Notre Dame currently sits at No. 3.

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