League Of Legends Esports: SKT Faker Inducted To E-Sports Hall Of Fame

Legendary SK Telecom T1 mid-laner Lee Sang-hyeok (Faker) is set to be inducted into the E-Sports Hall of Fame. For the first time ever, fans are allowed to vote for their favorite player and Faker got an overwhelming amount of support from the last two months.
“Every inductee into the Esports Hall of Fame did an overwhelming performance to push esports further and take it to the next level,” ESL said. “We honor that engagement, their outstanding performance, achievements and activities in the field of esports in to promote the professionalism and value of esports with their introduction into the Esports Hall of Fame—where they will be remembered forever.”


With many achievements in the past in League of Legends, it’s no surprise why he was the people’s first choice. Here are some of his achievements recorded by ESL Gaming.
Key achievements:

* 2013 World Champion
* 2015 World Champion
* 2016 World Champion
* 2017 World Championship runner-up
* 2014 All-Stars Paris champion
* 2016 Mid Season Invitational champion
* 2017 Mid Season Invitational champion
* 2013 OGN Champions Summer champion
* 2013 OGN Champions Winter champion
* 2015 LCK S5 Spring champion
* 2015 LCK S5 Summer champion
* 2016 LCK S6 Spring champion
* 2017 LCK S7 Spring champion

You can watch some of his best plays in 2018 here.


Who is Faker?


Born in Seoul, South Korea on May 7th, 1996, he and his brother were raised by their grandparents and their father Lee Kyung-Joon. As a child, he was an avid lover of puzzles and video games and would be engaged in those activities for hours long at a time. Some of these activities would be playing “Warcraft III” and the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) “Chaos.”
When he finally discovered “League of Legends” in 2011, he quickly switched gears and became a prodigious player in this multiplayer online battle arena game. Over the course of 2 years, Faker would hone his talents in the competitive sector of League of Legends and eventually get chosen to play for a competitive team called SKT. There, he became national champion within two seasons and go on to repeat that feat five more times which led his team to be virtually undefeated.


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