Texas State Student Killed In Fire That Was Reportedly Intentionally Set

An apartment complex fire in Texas that killed a Pasadena native, David Ortiz, is still under investigation as police found new evidence. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and the San Marcos Fire Department jointly issued a recent statement saying that there is a now criminal investigation into this Iconic Village Apartment fire. Authorities are now saying that this fire was intentionally set and is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the people responsible.
If you have any information, authorities are asking that you call 1-888-ATF-TIPS.

What Happened?


An inferno at the Iconic Village that claimed 5 victims on July 20th, 2018 is set to be further investigated. The victims to this fire were James Miranda, Haley Frizzel, Belinda moats, David Ortiz, and Dru Estes, many of them being students of Texas State University.
The reason why the fire raged on so quickly and intensely was that the complex that housed that housed those college students was an old facility that was built in the 1970s and did not have any sprinklers built in them. During that time, it wasn’t required by law to have sprinklers installed. However, when firefighters investigated the site, they questioned whether smoke detectors in the building were working, or even when they were last inspected according to ABC 13.
The fire also injured seven people including one who suffered critical injuries.
Nearly 200 people were also displaced and found solace at the San Marcos Activity Center during the fire.

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