Basketball Coach Placed On Leave After Sexual Battery Allegations

A basketball coach from Canal Winchester is being investigated after allegations of sexual battery that involves a minor came to light. He has been placed on leave from his position and is not a teacher in the district anymore.

What Happened?

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A basketball coach from Canal Winchester, Ohio was placed on leave after allegations of sexual battery at a minor were reported. The crime happened between January 20, 2017, to November 2018.
The school issued a statement to this according to 10 TV.
“The district is required to make reports and to investigate alleged misconduct. The safety of our students is our first priority, and the district has made all required reports, will cooperate fully with law enforcement, and has begun its own investigations. Once the district was made aware of the allegations, (the coach) was immediately placed on administrative leave per board policy.”

At the moment, the coach is not convicted of the crime, so news sources aren’t naming him yet.
The district also issued a statement of their own to 10 TV,
“We take the allegations seriously and will see this investigation to its full and complete conclusion. Because this is an ongoing legal investigation, and to comply with state and federal student privacy laws, we cannot provide further comment at this time.”

School officials said they cannot provide additional information.

What Happens If The Coach Is Found Guilty?

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According to the Criminal Defense Lawyer, Penalties for sexual assault is dependent on the age of the victim, and the circumstances of the crime.
Sexually assaulting a minor could result in a fine, at least one year/maximum five years in prison, or even both. If the perpetrator raped the victim as well, penalties will increase to at least five/maximum 11 years in prison or both.
If the rape caused serious harm to a victim aged 13 or younger, or if the victim was younger than ten (whether with a serious injury or not), the perpetrator will face life in prison without parole.

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