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Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 12/26


It’s Wednesday, December 26, so you may still be dealing with a Christmas hangover? College life can be busy, so at times it can be tough to keep up with the daily news cycle. That’s why we bring you Campus Connect, where you can catch the latest news in college sports and entertainment to keep on top of the buzz that everyone on campus will be talking about.

What happened last night? What events are coming up today? We have you covered with all of that and more.

Let’s dive right in.

College Sports News

As fall semesters wind down across the schools in the Atlantic Coastal Conference, final exams are starting to take place and the schedule is slowing down a bit. Final out-of-conference play to bolster early-season records is dwindling down for each team opening their season, meaning we are getting that much closer to seeing how these teams will fare against their real competition.

Zion Williamson is one of the most electric players we have seen in college basketball in recent years. The Duke Blue Devils star is a projected No. 1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and he appears to already be looking at potential fits in the pros.

COED Girl of the Day



Today, we feature Savanna Sanford, a student at the University of Tennessee. Savanna has a growing following of more than 11,000 on Instagram and is a “Tribe Babe,” according to her profile.

Entertainment News

Like so many millennials am completely hooked to my phone, but more importantly, Instagram app. It’s the place you can post selfies, photos with your squad or show off the new car you just got. These ten social media stars definitely do a lot more than just show off their cars and fit bodies. They promote themselves as their own brand using just their smartphone. These are the top ten richest Instagramers!

Viral Clip of the Day

Kyrie Irving went off on Christmas Day, proving once again that NBA basketball is the best.

Food of the Day

These meatball sliders with garlic knot buns may have just changed the game.


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