Florida State Football Apologizes For Controversial MLK Day Tweet

These days any and everything can cause controversy, and the Florida State football program found that out on Monday, January 21 after receiving backlash for what was deemed an insensitive tweet on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
The Seminoles had sent out a message on social media that showed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. decked out in Florida State gear.
It did not go over well.
Florida State has since deleted the tweet, but it lives on forever on the Internet.

Florida State football MLK Day tweet


After receiving the backlash and deleting the image, the Seminoles issued an apology.
“In a well-intentioned effort to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. on this special day, a member of our recruiting staff created a graphic using one of Dr. King’s quotes – ‘If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.’ The quote resonated with our program’s Do Something mantra.”
“However, in our attempt to more closely connect the message to FSU, we foolishly posted a graphic that was not in line with our intent. We are sorry for missing the mark in our attempt to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy.”

It’s no surprise that at least one program caught some heat on social media with a photoshopped holiday graphic because it seems to happen each and every time.
What do you think, however? Was Florida State’s tweet a tone-deaf message or were people overreacting? Sound off in the comments section below.

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