Kyler Murray Draft Stock: Could Oklahoma QB Go No. 1 Overall?

Kyler Murray addresses the media at a press conference

YouTube/The Oklahoman

An NFL scout recently informed Bleacher Report that he believes in Kyler Murray’s game-breaking potential enough that he prophesizes the Heisman winner will go No. 1 overall in this year’s NFL Draft.
Questions about his NFL potential reach disagreement due to his 5-foot-10, 195-pound stature, but he added: “I don’t know how you evaluate someone with that height and that build, but he’s electric,” the scout said of Murray’s abilities, according to Bleacher Report.
He also said he does not view Murray and the former Sooner QB, Heisman winner, and former first-overall┬ápick Baker Mayfield in the same light. He added that the two differ in terms of accuracy and Football IQ, but that Murray’s talent is too tantalizing for any team to pass up on him when the first selection is announced in April. Of course, multiple GMs are not on the boat in making the shorter Quarterback a franchise centerpiece, with one GM telling Walter Football’s Charlie Campbell that he believes Murray should stick to his initial decision of playing baseball.
Yet, this scout sees Murray’s variety of abilities that range from play extendability with blistering speed to precision with the deep ball.
In an updated Mel Kiper Mock Draft, Murray is projected to go 13th overall to the Miami Dolphins, but with Murray possibly going No. 1, the Arizona Cardinals would be his ideal place of business. The Cardinals posted a league-worst record in 2018, fired their head coach after one season, experienced quarterback difficulty with 2018 first-rounder Josh Rosen not quite having the dream rookie season, and had one of the worst defenses in football. The Cardinals are in dire need of a competitor, a winner, someone who can provide immediate culture change. And Kyler Murray may just be that guy.
In his Heisman season, the Junior Quarterback posted a plethora of exceptional numbers, numbers that bested even the likes of his former cohort Mayfield a year ago when Baker won the Heisman.
Murray threw north of 4,300 yards and scored 42 touchdowns, sealing the deal on winning the Heisman award after putting up such monstrous numbers in the 12-week season. A former foe and Big 12 opponent in Kliff Kingsbury could be his greatest advocate if he is to be picked up by the Cardinals and two great offensive minds may think alike, potentially leading up to a dominating duo that could mirror the meteoric rise of a Mahomes-Reid combination.
If this scout’s words prove to be as truthful as they come, it will be intriguing to see what the Cardinals do with Rosen. They could either trade him as stock to another QB-needy team or let Rosen and Murray battle for the starting spot before the season begins.
Either way, the Cardinals will enter a low-risk, high reward scenario if they spend their first-round pick on the Heisman winner. If he proves that he cannot deal with expedited pass rushes and bulkier sizes of the average NFL defender in comparison to the smaller sizes and speeds of players in Big 12 defenses, they might look to Rosen to keep the starting job.
However, if this kid is as good as this scout says he is and proves to be a force to go toe-to-toe with on Sundays, the reward is very much so worth the risk if you’re the Cardinals at No. 1.

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