All Star Kicks: New Balance Releases Kawhi Leonard OMN1s PE

Kawhi Leonard is a simple man. At least. that’s what we know him as. When he steps on the court, its only business when he locks down a team’s number one threat, scoring the rock at volume while averaging 27 points per game and proving to be one of the most efficient two-way players in the game.
Announced this past month, New Balanced signed the two-way dynamo to a new shoe contract, after Leonard decided to separate from the Jordan Brand in search of a new deal. Now, the current New Balance spokesman for its basketball branch and outreach is having his own release prior to the NBA All-Star Game, since he is making his 3rd appearance to the annual February festival celebrating the league’s best players in a 48-minute classic.
This year, he will play on Team LeBron, in what Lakers fans hope to be a potential preview of the Raptor (who will be a free agent once July 1 hits) that could be a future Laker playing alongside LeBron if Lakers General Manager Magic Johnson plays his cards right.
In a collaboration with New Balance, Kawhi will don a colorway of his choice of the New Balance “OMN1s” once the 2019 All-Star Game tips off in Charlotte on Sunday night,. But until his choice, fans of “The Klaw” will have up until Sunday to vote on Twitter for their favorite colorway.

One of the most interesting colorways to see from this collection? You would have never guessed it, but one of the blandest designs is a favorite at the moment.

No, what you see above is not a poorly attempted photoshop off of Microsoft Word by an assumed first-time Graphic Designer. That’s the real design, and New Balance is running with it.
NBA Fans know Kawhi as one of the less outspoken stars in the sporting universe. A man of his own merit, Leonard is widely known as the professional who is not followed by the myriad of the average NBA star shrouded in controversy and juicy media storylines. He arrives at Scotiabank Arena (or wherever Toronto is playing), does his job for 48 minutes and goes home. This shoe is metaphorically spot on, in describing Kawhi’s demeanor on the floor; short, sweet and direct without beating around the bush.
In fact, Leonard marketed himself as the man with little words, and New Balance Hoops took this gimmick into fruition, per their new ad that released on Thursday.

Their recent ad throws some not-so-subtle shots at the opinionated social media folk giving their takes on Leonard’s game, media personalities on ESPN and Fox Sports, superstars like James Harden, Paul George and Kevin Durant and other shoe companies like Nike and Adidas. Basketball fans can draw their own conclusions after watching the commercial.
Raptors fans and Basketball fans alike have plenty to look forward to, and as a heads up, be sure to check out this year’s All-Star Weekend schedule here on

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