Colin Kaepernick Interested In Joining The XFL

Colin Kaepernick is set to return to football after he settled his collusion suit with the NFL earlier in February. While the former San Francisco 49er is looking to return to the NFL, he was in talks of joining the Alliance of American Football. The AAF is not the only league that Kaepernick is interested in joining, according to Sporting News.
He has had talks of joining Vince McMahon’s new league, the XFL. While the league is not set to launch until next year, the XFL will start to sign players for the league in the near future. The addition of someone like Kaepernick into the league would definitely help attendance and viewership as football fans will want to see how good Kaepernick is after the long layoff.
While Kaepernick has been in discussion with league executives, he might not even play in the XFL because of money. The exact details of Kaepernick’s contract has not been released, but he is asking for at least $20 million to play in the XFL. It’s the same amount of money he asked for from the AAF, a league that flirted with bankruptcy after only a couple of weeks.
McMahon aims to pay the XFL’s quarterbacks around $250,000 a year, making it very unlikely that he will pay Kaepernick $20 million. An addition of a player like Kaepernick would put fans in the seats, but the league could struggle to pay his lucrative contract if he plays in the XFL. The AAF struggled to pay its players after the first week of the season and they were giving out three year contracts worth $250,00.
McMahon will be paying that much money to the league’s quarterbacks per year, which makes the addition of an eight figure contract harder to fund. Kaepernick is looking for another shot to play professional football, but his $20 million asking price could make it hard for him to find a new football team.

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