Indiana's Justin Smith Explodes Through His Adidas Shoe Leaving Shoe Brands Questioning

Puma’s stock continues to rise as their competitor’s shoes seemingly malfunction in big-time situations.
Nike provided the first hiccup last Wednesday when freshman phenom Zion Williamson exploded through his left shoe that led to his apparent knee sprain. The obscure incident could not have happened at a worse time. Duke at the time was playing their cross-town rivals UNC in what was the super bowl of college basketball. Ticket prices compared to the actual super bowl and former president Barack Obama was also in attendance to watch Nike’s marketing nightmare. However, Adidas might also be under some hot water after last nights game between Indiana and Wisconsin.
Hoosiers Justin Smith tore right through his adidas shoe yesterday while planting his foot. Thankfully the forward was not injured on the play and was able to keep playing once equipped with a new pair of kicks. This incident is, however, is overshadowed by Romeo Langford’s overtime game-winner, but almost seems identical to Nike’s mishap. Smith ended the game with 12 points and six rebounds.

Now, this is not some contagious disease where companies are furnishing their players with subpar equipment. But, it is interesting to see these two freak incidents happen all within the span of a week. With both Nike and Adidas now having public equipment issues, we will see if their competitors capitalize on the situation.
Puma after the Zion debacle took social media and tweeted out an interesting message that was soon after deleted.

With generational type athletes potentially entering the NBA Draft this year, Puma looks locked in and is ready to compete with the big dogs.

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