Kyler Murray Going No. 1? Marvin Lewis Isn't A Fan

Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray is widely regarded as the favorite to be the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. However, Murray’s possibility of being selected first recently received some backlash. Former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis went on NFL Network and publicly admitted that he would be against the Cardinals decision to select Murray with the top pick.
Lewis stated, “I just think this team, this group of players, they drafted a quarterback [Rosen] last year, and I think you gotta go in with him as your starting quarterback and build your football team around him with a young quarterback. I don’t think as a football team and a franchise you can afford to start over again. Every time you draft a young quarterback, you’re starting from scratch.”
Lewis’s controversial opinion has some validity.
The quarterback position is arguably the hardest position to adapt to from college. New quarterbacks entering the league need time to develop and truly learn the in’s and out’s of an NFL defense. Expecting immediate success from a young quarterback is attainable, but is mainly unrealistic.
Lewis’ opinion also seems to have a little bias. When Lewis was the head coach of the Bengals back in 2018, it’s noted that he attended Josh Rosen’s pro day. Rosen is the starting quarterback for the Cardinals, but that title seems to be in jeopardy with Kliff Kingsbury’s apparent interest in Murray. During Rosen’s pro day, Lewis was impressed with the quarterback’s maturity and “how he handled himself.”
Lewis even compared the former No. 10 overall pick to a quarterback he used to coach.
“[Rosen] reminded me of a starting quarterback in the National Football League, and one that I know well that we drafted in ‘03 in Carson Palmer,” Lewis had said at the time.
Lewis can vent as much as he wants, but the decision the Cardinals make on draft day will not involve the former head coach in any means.
The NFL draft will be held on Thursday, April 25th in Nashville, Tennessee.

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