Syracuse Basketball: Frank Howard Blasted For Zion Williamson Trip

College basketball’s biggest star emerged back on the court last night just in time for the ACC tournament. Zion Williamson previously got hurt in a freak shoe malfunction that sidelined him for six total games. However, last night Zion made an eye-opening return, but his play might be overshadowed by a player’s attempt to reinjure him.
During last night’s game, Syracuse forward Frank Howard appeared to deliberately trip Willaimson after a play. The trip might have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for enraged Zion fans storming to social media and criticizing the controversial event.
Former Duke Alum and current ESPN analyst Jay Williams didn’t hold back when defending basketball’s most exciting player.

On replay, Howard appears to stick his right foot out in an attempt to tangle his feet with Zion’s. We even see Zion stumble forward before quickly regaining his balance. Whether the trip was deliberate or not, it is not a good look for Howard nor Syracuse. An attempt to reinjure a player — let alone the most coveted in the nation — is never an acceptable action.
Thankfully, Zion seemed unfazed by the incident and dominated for the remainder of the game. Duke fans let out a sigh of relief because they know the potential No. 1 pick will play an essential part in tonight’s game against rival North Carolina.
North Carolina has defeated Duke in both their matchups this season, but Willaimson was absent for the majority of both games. Fans will finally get to witness college basketballs biggest rivalry, with a healthy Zion Williamson.

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