March Madness 2019: Which No. 1 Seed Will Lose First?

March Madness is here and it is time to start filling out your brackets. Of course, when filling out your bracket, we all are tasked with the question of which No. 1 seed will be the first to be eliminated from the NCAA Tournament.
This year, college basketball fans appear to all agree which team will be the first to falter.
After becoming the first No. 1 seed to lose to a No. 16 seed in the opening round, fans once again are lacking faith in the Virginia Cavaliers.
From The Spun:

As-of Tuesday afternoon, of the four 1-seeds, it won’t shock you to hear that Virginia, again, is the team that fans have losing most often in the first round. Duke, the overall 1-seed, is projected to move out of the first round by 97.7% of users. Gonzaga and North Carolina are both at 97.1%. Virginia lags behind at 96.5%.

The information comes from ESPN’s Tournament Challenge.
The 2019 NCAA Tournament officially kicks off on Tuesday, March 19 with two of the first four games — Prairie View vs. Farleigh Dickinson and Temple vs. Belmont.
The full schedule for March Madness can be seen below.

First Four, Tuesday, March 19
Prairie View vs. Farleigh DickinsonMarch Madness Live6:30 pmtruTVDayton, OH
Temple vs. BelmontMarch Madness Live9:00 pmTruTVDayton, OH
First Four, Wednesday, March 20
NC Central vs. North Dakota StateMarch Madness Live 6:30 pmtruTVDayton, OH
St. John’s vs. Arizona StateMarch Madness Live9:00 pmtruTVDayton, OH
First round, Thursday, March 21
Minnesota vs. LouisvilleMarch Madness Live12:00 pmCBSDes Moines, IA
Yale vs. LSUMarch Madness Live12:30 pmtruTVJacksonville, FL
New Mexico St. vs. AuburnMarch Madness Live 1:20 pmTNTSalt Lake City, UT
Vermont vs. Florida St.March Madness Live1:50 pmTBSHartford, CT
Bradley vs. Michigan St.March Madness Live2:30 pmCBSDes Moines, IA
Belmont/Temple vs. MarylandMarch Madness Live3:00 pmtruTVJacksonville, FL
Northeastern vs. KansasMarch Madness Live3:50 pmTNTSalt Lake City, UT
Murray St. vs. MarquetteMarch Madness Live4:20 pmTBSHartford, CT
Florida vs. NevadaMarch Madness Live6:45 pmTNTDes Moines, IA
Abilene Christian vs. KentuckyMarch Madness Live7:00 pmCBSJacksonville, FL
Saint Mary’s vs. VillanovaMarch Madness Live7:15 pmTBSHartford, CT
Farleigh Dickinson/ Prairie View vs. GonzagaMarch Madness Live7:15 pmtruTVSalt Lake City, UT
Montana vs. MichiganMarch Madness Live9:15 pmTNTDes Moines, IA
Seton Hall vs. WoffordMarch Madness Live9:30 pmCBSJacksonville, FL
Old Dominion vs. PurdueMarch Madness Live9:45 pmTBSHartford, CT
Baylor vs. SyracuseMarch Madness Live9:55 pmtruTVSalt Lake City, UT
First round, Friday, March 22
Iowa vs. CincinnatiMarch Madness Live12:00 pmCBSColumbus, OH
Oklahoma vs. MississippiMarch Madness Live12:30 pmtruTVColumbia, SC
Northern Kentucky vs. Texas TechMarch Madness Live1:20 pmTNTTulsa, OK
UC Irvine vs. Kansas St.March Madness Live1:50 pmTBSSan Jose, CA
Colgate vs. TennesseeMarch Madness Live2:30 pmCBSColumbus, OH
Gardner-Webb vs. VirginiaMarch Madness Live3:00 pmtruTVColumbia, SC
Arizona St./St. John’s vs. BuffaloMarch Madness Live3:50 pmTNTTulsa, OK
Oregon vs. WisconsinMarch Madness Live4:20 pmTBSSan Jose, CA
Washington vs. Utah St.March Madness Live6:45 pmTNTColumbus, OH
NC Central/ North Dakota St. vs. DukeMarch Madness Live7:00 pmCBSColumbia, SC
Georgia St. vs. HoustonMarch Madness Live7:15 pmTBSTulsa, OK
Liberty vs. Mississippi St.March Madness Live7:15 pmtruTVSan Jose, CA
Iona vs. North CarolinaMarch Madness Live9:15 pmTNTColumbus, OH
UCF vs. VCUMarch Madness Live9:30 pmCBSColumbia, SC
Ohio St. vs. Iowa St.March Madness Live9:45 pmTBSTulsa, OK
Saint Louis vs. Virginia TechMarch Madness Live 9:55 pmtruTVSan Jose, CA
Second round, Saturday, March 23
TBDMarch Madness Live12:00 pmCBS
TBDMarch Madness Live2:30 pmCBS
TBDMarch Madness Live5:00 pmCBS
TBDMarch Madness Live6:00 pmTNT
TBDMarch Madness Live7:00 pmTBS
TBDMarch Madness Live7:30 pmCBS
TBDMarch Madness Live8:30 pmTNT
TBDMarch Madness Live9:30 pmTBS
Second round, Sunday, March 24
TBDMarch Madness Live12:00 pmCBS
TBDMarch Madness Live2:30 pmCBS
TBDMarch Madness Live5:00 pmCBS
TBDMarch Madness Live6:00 pmCBS
TBDMarch Madness Live7:00 pmTBS
TBDMarch Madness Live7:30 pmtruTV
TBDMarch Madness Live8:30 pmTNT
TBDMarch Madness Live9:30 pmTBS
March 28-31
South RegionalMarch Madness LiveMarch 28/30Louisville, KY
West RegionalMarch Madness LiveMarch 28/30Anaheim, CA
East RegionalMarch Madness LiveMarch 29/31Washington, D.C.
Midwest RegionalMarch Madness LiveMarch 29/31Kansas City, MO
Saturday, April 6
Final FourMarch Madness Live6:00 pmCBSMinneapolis, MN
Final FourMarch Madness Live8:30 pmCBSMinneapolis, MN
Monday, April 8
National ChampionshipMarch Madness Live9:00 pmCBSMinneapolis, MN
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