Michael Avenatti To Cooperate With NCAA, Mentions Duke Basketball

Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti was hit with multiple federal charges earlier this week including extortion, bank fraud, and wire fraud. The news came shortly after Avenatti hinted that he had information involving a bribery scandal in college basketball involving Nike.
Avenatti was then arrested for allegedly attempting to extort Nike for more than $20 million.
But that has not stopped Avenatti from continuing to speak out. Avenatti went on to specifically name former Arizona Wildcats star DeAndre Ayton and five-star recruit Bol Bol as players who may have received money from Nike. And now, he is saying he will cooperate with the NCAA and turn over any information he may have regarding names, payment amounts, texts, and emails.
“I will fully cooperate with the NCAA to my maximum ability. Names, dates, amounts, texts, emails, bogus invoices, bank records, wire payments, cash payments, etc. – ALL OF IT,” Avenatti wrote on Twitter.
“Let’s talk about the truth and facts of what really happened and let the chips fall where they may.”

Avenatti wasn’t done there. The former Stormy Daniels attorney went on to imply UNLV’s Brandon McCoy and his “guardian” Shaun Manning could also be involved in the scandal.
Then came the most interesting part of his message: the Duke basketball program.

Duke is one of the premier college basketball programs in the country and has one of the biggest apparel partnerships with the Swoosh brand. If Duke were to be implicated in any scandal involving Nike, it would rock the national scene. Nike was recently in headlines for its partnership with Duke after potential No. 1 overall pick Zion Williamson’s shoe exploded on national television. Nike then sent a team of specialists to China to custom-make a shoe for the star freshman.
Of course, Avenatti has shown no proof of any scandal at this point so we will have to hold any judgment until he comes with the receipts.

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