US Senator Wants Compensation For College Athletes

College athletics is one of the things that makes the United State different from other countries. They provide students across the nation an opportunity to attend prestigious universities that they normally would not have been able to attend.
While these athletes are at these universities on scholarship, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy believes that some of these athletes need to be compensated.
Murphy took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

The senator is not the first person to come out and say that college athletes should be paid as Lebron James has said that in the past. He is correct in saying that college football and basketball are the most successful NCAA sports as their games are always televised. The 2018 NCAA Tournament generated $844.3 million, making it one of the most financially successful sporting events in the US. Additionally, the 32 conferences competing in the 2018 tournament received $216 million from the NCAA with the money being separated by how far the teams progress in the tournament.
This payment plan slants the money toward big programs, which is why Murphy is putting out this statement. The senator is seeing the major success of programs like Alabama, Clemson, Duke, and Kentucky, but does not see the players getting paid for their actions. The coaches are making millions of dollars, but the players do not get any of that money.
Murphy wants the NCAA to change its policy on amateur athletics by paying the athletes. The timing of his release could not have been at a better time as the NCAA Tournament is the event that makes the most money for the organization. The universities make millions of dollars with their team’s success in the tournament, but the athletes do not see any of that money.
Murphy will not be the last person to call out the NCAA and he won’t be the last to have college athletes paid. The NCAA may never change its policy on paying athletes, but the organization is more concerned about the upcoming Sweet 16 than the senator’s statement.

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